Emili Crowder

Emili Crowder, Lead Occupational Therapist

EMILI CROWDEREmili is a native Montanan from Saco. When not at work Emili enjoys spending time with her family, and dog, fishing, camping, and if you need movie advice she’s seen them all!

Emili has a Master’s degree from MSU-Billings in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degrees in Occupational Therapy from the University of Mary.

Emili has been working with kids in a private practice setting since her fieldwork in 2017. In that time she has already gained experience with equine and aquatic therapy as well as assessment and treatment of children from preschool-teens in the clinical setting.

Emili’s most recent training is in Visual Rehabilitation techniques, Bal-A-Vis-X and the STAR Centers 3S Symposium on Trauma, Development of Regulation, Sensory Processing and Emotional Development and Interoception. Find more information at Bal-A-Vis-X here. She is most interested in gaining experience in feeding and trauma approaches as well as Integrated Listening Systems this year as she enthusiastically expands her treatment approaches to fit the needs of Wild Roots clients.